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Each legendary battler was the greatest hero of their own world. Now they're melding with humans- to create the world's greatest sport! What could go wrong?

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As Temari crosses into the heliosphere of its latest target, a vast deluge of information begins to resolve. What was but a murmur a hundred or so light years away, is now a torrent. A new rich vein of information, something to be savoured.

Then the work of sorting and sifting begins… No need to be hasty.

Understanding comes. Such a beautiful, fecund world. Bursting at the seams with life, with a single dominant form, and no competing predators remaining, the form has broken itself into… Can this be true...? ...Geographic classifications. How novel. Always something new.

Logic gates open. Data seeps through the pan-dimensional lattice where the multitudes slumber, seeking commonalities. How then to sort them? The energy expenditure for this is considerable, and too much might extend the process beyond the optimum.

Five. Five teams. Five teams would give a 50.31415926535(ish)% chance of finding their ultimate warrior. Auspicious and worth trying.

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beijing dragons

Team Bio: Fierce and analytical. Patient yet consumed with competitive spirit the BD’s are ranked as the #1 Team in the 2023 League.

Team Bio: Calculated and measured- until they explode in perfect fury. As a group, the Ghosts have won more League matches than any other team.

Team Bio: Hopeless romantics, with a will to power. Tight and controlled yet capable of remarkable feats of creativity. BB’s are the odds on favorites as we enter the first year of the New League.

Team Bio: Skater tech dweebs with a love of vegan nutrition and hyphy crazy stunts, Dinos are hands down the biggest crowd-pleasers of the League.

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salisbury druids

Team Bio: Mad Scientists in Newton's style. Druids delight in complexity. Rumor has it that if they win- they'll bring the League to an end, or perhaps, a new beginning.


At the very core of all computation, there are four master operations embodying the universal push-pull and expansion-contraction from which all else is derived. Four operators through which all operands can be filtered. Thus the four operators are embodied in four battle classes.

Such has ever been the custom.

The Aurelian way.

Attacker class logo


Brave champions of frontal assault.

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Defender class logo


Their mighty blows quake the earth.

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Catcher class logo


Stun all within their reach.

Catcher weapon gif
Ranger class logo


Beware of their deadly touch.

Ranger weapon gif
Display stand with temari battler packs, battle deluxe set boxes and battlers on a glass surface
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