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Temari Gameplay Guide: AI powered action is the key!

GOAL: Combine physical and digital attacks to defeat all opponents. Eject them for the maximum K.O. status!
Setting up
Make sure your Tower and Temari are fully charged before starting a session. This is especially important for League matches as you will forfeit any game you start and run out of juice in.
  • It takes about an hour to fully charge all three devices and then they’re good for 1-2 hours of play (varies with game mode and play style).

  • You need a clear playspace of about 2m x 2m. Laminate floors are great, but low pile carpet, tile and even smooth concrete work. Likewise, indoors is best but so long as you’re not outdoors in direct sunlight (or rain!), everything should be copacetic.

Run the TEMARI app and let it get to the Title Screen. Turn on the Temari and Tower- you’ll see images of all three devices appear on the title screen. Any that you touch will be connected to (If there’s a Battler already in a Temari it will announce its presence and show up on screen too).
Main menu image of Temari battle system game
  • N.B. If playing Single Player or Online you’ll connect to both Temari and the Tower, but when playing a local battle against another Human, only connect to a single Temari and Tower. Your opponent will then start the app on their device and connect to the free Temari (this sounds harder than it is).

Once both Battlers are inserted and recognized, it’s time to play- which involves first scanning the Tower top itself and then laying each battler’s (4) cards out and scanning them (it takes about 30 seconds and only needs to be repeated if battlers change or you want to alter your card choices). Once complete both Temari execute a ritual ‘calibration’ twirl, and the countdown begins.
Whether you play a Single Player Practice, a Local 2 Player ‘Grudge’ Match or decide to enter the League and begin your journey towards Superstar status, the mechanics of play remain as follows:
Gameplay footage

1. Aim your sights at a Temari or the Tower to gain power. Spend power by energizing cards, giving commands or taking direct control of the Temari from your AI.

2. Cards (like Lasers) temporarily add significant new augmented abilities.

Lasers game card, with three glowing lasers
Gameplay footage

Once collected, card abilities are triggered at the press of a button. Each depletes, and needs replacing.

3. Work with your AI co-pilot to combine digital and physical attacks to drain your opponent’s health and shields to 0 before they do the same to you!

If you’re feeling especially skillful or lucky, try for the ultimate victory - a Backstab that ejects your rival!

Leveling and mastering these abilities while working with your AI co-pilots against all challengers (Human or AI) is the core of Temari’s gameplay - the result is an addictive contest of reflexes, strategy, timing… and a little luck!

Gameplay footage
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