Temari Battle System logo with lightning and white outer glow

Across the vast reaches of space-time, TEMARI has travelled, with but one simple quest- to find, copy and immortalize, the greatest warriors the universe has to offer. Reaching its latest destination “Terra” in the year 4713 or 2015 (depending on who you ask) it has transformed itself into the preferred form of combat for the locals.

They call it a ‘Game,’ it is not, it is;
Temari Battle System


1x Temari Tower
1x Temari Unit

1x Mystery Battler


Temari starter kit box
*Actual Battler will vary as these are randomly assigned.
Temari Battle System logo with lightning and white outer glow

DELUXE battle set

1x Charger Unit/ Carry Case
1x Temari Tower
2x Temari Unit

1x D0NG Battler Pack
1x J3FR5 Battler Pack


Temari deluxe battle set


Temari tower

World center and central to both positioning and player communication. Watch Temari units effortlessly avoid the tower and marvel at the power of AI.

Temari unit

Quick to charge, with great battery life, Temari Units are best used indoors on a level floor where their speed and maneuverability are straight from a videogame. Unit design does cope well with flat carpet and tarmac too though!

Temari charging case
Charge Case

Also functions as a carry case. Comes with a USB cable. Units take about an hour to charge and last for 1+ hours of continuous play.




D0NG Battler package
I'm sorry! Maybe next time!

Leader of the Beijing Dragons and daughter of one of China's more popular inventors, D0NG's style is in your face and no holds barred. Love her or hate her- you have to respect the result- she's the #1 player for a reason.


J3FR5 Battler package
M8. Fear my Carroty!

He's the Salisbury Druids' team clown and loves to show off, but deep down J3FR5 loves... to win, years of being ranked #2 haven't dented his self assurance- this year, it's coming home!


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Temari deluxe battle set, starter kit and D0NG battler pack
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