In game screen showing a leaderboard with scores

Temari Battle League!

For the first Time ever, the Temari Battle League allows a real-time physical game be played in two separate locations. Temari really is; Videogames in Real Life!™
World Champion and Beyond!
Play against Pure-Code AI’s, Temporal AI’s, Human Hybrid AI’s and even just Human opponents you share a location with as you climb the league. The possibilities for fun are limitless when you can command AI from vast distances and even create asynchronous AI replicas of yourself and others- all built from the AI’s observations of each player’s unique play patterns.
In game screen, showing a challenge from another player and the words" WORLD CHAMPION"
The more Battles you have, with more varied Battlers, in and between the more ‘unique’, ‘valuable’ and distant locations from your own, the more T-Score you will gain.
  • N.B. Popularity of posted battle videos also adds to your T-Score.

  • T-Score takes you all the way up through the unranked belts, into the ranks of the world's greatest players.

  • AI immortality awaits, but only the very best will survive.

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